Fresh Meat11Simply put, the name says it all: “Fresh.” Burnhamthorpe Fruit Market receives meat and poultry deliveries six (6) days a week, vitally important to the process of freshness. And, as any quality meat market does, we properly rotate all products to ensure that, whichever day of the week you visit, the meat and poultry you purchase for your family is as fresh as it can be.

We pride ourselves on the old-style butcher shop by giving personal service, superior quality selections and traditional offerings (something you don’t always get in a big grocery store). The “daily grind”; our fresh quality ground chuck, ground round and ground beef are prepared daily for the perfect burgers, spaghetti sauces or casseroles.


Burnhamthorpe Fruit Market Meat department strive to provide the utmost quality of meats and polutry all available in any desired serving size. Our in-house butchers can prepare any of our fine meats to your specifications, as required. We provide and serve only the best. Come choose from a selection of sumptuous roasts, a variety of thick steaks, chops, or ribs.

Fresh Meat 21In addition to popular beef and pork products, we offer select cuts of veal and lamb. Our poultry selection includes a wide variety of whole or sectioned chickens and turkey. Additionally we provide a variety of exotic meats including sweetbreads and particular ethnic favorites too numerous to mention.

We sell a lot of fresh cut select meat and we understand and appreciate your request for custom cuts.  We always have a meat cutter ready and prepared to tackle any request to customize an order. Don’t hesitate to ask.

We custom make our very own ground sausage which is a must-have by many.  Do you require a special order for the holidays – your traditional family cut of beef tenderloin, standing rib roast, prime rib, or duck?  Special orders before the holidays are simple and easy by calling us at the shop!