Fresh Vegetable1Fruit and Vegie

We at Burnhamthorpe Fruit Market sell the freshest produce possible to give you the most delicious meals when using fruits and vegetables.  Our quality products, along with unparalleled customer service have given us the reputation of a friendly neighborhood produce supplier.  We have been delivering fine fruits and vegetables for over 30 years, and we hope to serve you and your family sometime soon.  Come in to our store in Mississauga located at 3647 Dixie Rd and see the real Fruit and Vegie like it used to be.




Buying quality produce is important, but the way you handle produce is key. Here at Burnhamthorpe Fruit Market, we believe in the “old-fashioned” way of handling our produce: Early morning hours preparing the fruits and vegetables and the rest of the day spent rotating and checking it for quality control. Definitely a labor-intensive, “hands-on” approach, but one that lends itself to yielding a superior experience for those who shop with us.

Fresh Vegetable 21At both Burnhamthorpe Fruit Market we have a wide variety of products. 

We sell milk and juice, bottled soft drinks, iced tea drinks, and individual juices.  We also carry snacks like chips and dip, chocolate covered pretzels, sour gummy candy, and different mixtures of nuts. Please click around our site and find out what else we’ve got for you, and come on in to try some of our delicious produce