Sarma RollsSarma – Cabbage Rolls

Sarma (Cabbage Rolls) is a savory dish of grape, cabbage or chard leaves rolled around a filling usually based on minced meat, or a sweet dish of filo dough wrapped around a filling often of various kinds of chopped nuts. It is found in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire from the Middle East to the Balkans and Central Europe.
Sarma means ‘a wrapped thing’ in the Turkish language, from the verb sarmak ‘to wrap’ or ‘to roll’. Yaprak Sarma (grape leaves with meat) may also be commonly called yaprak dolması ‘filled leaf’ or simply dolma ‘stuffed thing’, although linguisticallyit is not correct. Dolma, which properly refers to stuffed vegetables, is often conflated with sarma.
Yaprak sarma without meat (grape leaves filled with spicy rice, pinos and black currants) is usually called “yalancı (false) dolma”.
Besides the savory dish of leaf-wrapped filling, sarma in Greek can also refer to sweet pastries similar to baklava, saray sarma and fıstık sarma, which are prepared by wrapping phyllo dough around a mixture of crushed nuts and syrup.

Burnhamthorpe Fruit Market Sarma
All our Sarma (Cabbage rolls) are made using premium ingredients and created with our own hands so it tastes as if they were prepared at home.  Everything is prepared with true love and passion and this is what keeps our customers coming back. We are preparing our Sarma daily. This is a part of century tradition on your plate.